7 Seater SUV Guide

7 Seater SUVIt is important to understand that SUV’s have become the top car choice for families. The reasons for SUV’s popularity are criteria such as space, comfort, and ease of accessibility. When considering whether an SUV is the right fit for you or your family it is important to assess your personal needs. Things to consider may be the use of the vehicle, the amount of daily passengers, the average age of the passenger and the price range you feel most comfortable with. SUV’s will be more expensive vehicles in any market simply because of their size, and the cost of gas. Even so they still remain one of the most popular vehicles, primarily because of space, safety features, and the security of being elevated of the ground. SUV’s also maintain their popularity with families who need the space but would rather not commit to a minivan.

Pick Your Class-
When deciding which class of SUV to purchase there are many factors to consider. Primarily, it’s important choose what purpose the vehicle will serve. Questions to ask may be, “Will this be a first or second car”, “Will this car be used heavily or for local driving and the occasional trip”, “How long do I plan to keep this vehicle”? All of these questions will help with guidance toward the best possible SUV that fits your needs.

With SUV’s starting at 15,000 new and ranging all the way to 85,000+ there is a high probability there is a car available that will match your needs and budget. But it is important to understand that you get what you pay for. I recommend car shoppers make a list of five things that are necessary in the future car that they would drive and build a budget around these criteria. Even the least expensive SUV’s are built with more than enough technology for the average family. Still there are others perks to consider when you move up in price, such as looks, comfort feature and the smoothness of the ride.

When considering a SUV in this price range keep in mind there will be advantages and disadvantages. This range would be categorized as entry level seven seater SUV’s. With many American brands such as Jeep, Chevorlet, and Ford; as well as Asian brands, such as Toyota, Honda, and Kia. Although there is a larger variety these are the brands currently doing the best. Although these are considered entry level SUV’s they offer a lot of value for their price.

With smaller engines you are almost guaranteed better fuel economy. You can also expect many of the standard convenience features, such as Bluetooth, Ipod input, and satellite radio. When considering whether to buy or lease it is important to take into consideration the residual value your vehicle of choice. Toyota and Honda will lead the class in terms of resale value while many of your American brands will depreciate fairly aggressively.
It is true you may have to compromise on brand recognition and for some opinions looks. Yet you still may appreciate lower monthly payments, smaller service bills, and more durable vehicles that were built with high mileage in mind.

When considering vehicles over the 40,000 mark you are entering an entire different segment. Although there are certain entry level models that can run this high once fully equipped, cars in this price range will primarily be luxury sedans. For some the greatest assets luxury cars bring are brand recognition. These brands include BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infinti, Acura, and Audi. At the very high end of the luxury class are models like Porsche, and even a new Bentley will be arriving.

For car enthusiast’s luxury cars provide and entirely different driving experience. The question to ask yourself is, how valuable an accelerated driving experience will be to you? With these cars easily entering the high 50′s and low 60′s the monthly payment may double or triple and entry level SUV. The question then becomes what exactly am I paying for?

A lot more technology comes in standard on your vehicle as you enter the luxury market. Conveniences such standard navigation, standard leather, better safety features, and the extremely popular around view monitor. One can also expect other conveniences when entering the luxury market such as 24 hour roadside assistance, unlimited loaner car usage, and concierge services.

The percentage of people who lease luxury cars rather than finance is definitely higher. The finance payments on these cars can easily creep into the low seven hundreds. For some these highline SUV’s are worth the expense for others the idea is preposterous.


The seven seater SUV will always be a popular choice as long as there are families around. Whether it is the right choice for you and your family will always be relative. There are things to consider other than price. If you live in warm climates you may want to research cars with front wheel drive systems as opposed to cars with all-wheel drive systems. All-wheel drive cars will be more expensive both in price and gas efficiency but will serve no purpose in locations without snow.

You want to consider if you’d be more interested in leasing verses financing. Leasing a $50,000 vehicle would be approximately the same as financing a $30,000 car. If you are comfortable with returning the car after three years then you may be able to get a much nicer car then you have previously assessed. It is important to note that foreign cars tend to lease better than American cars.

You also want to build a car with the right packages. For example if you work two miles from your house a navigation system may not be necessary. If you have small children you might considers cars with the theatre package or television screens in the headrest. You should also take into consideration the ease of accessing the third row. If you are a senior citizen you might want to considers cars with technology packages. These packages usually assist in parking, braking, and blind spot assistance.

It is important to consider your driving style. Will you be doing highway miles, residential, or even off-roading? Each SUV is built with a different driving style in mind, and will perform differently according to the conditions.Finally after you have done all of your research test drive the car. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions. Pay attention to the things most important to you and most likely the car meant for you will feel great.

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